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.screencaps: sga 5.19 "Vegas" (1280.720px)

I vanish! I reappear! I bring screencaps!

.screencaps: 657 caps of "Vegas"-y goodness. 1280.720px from the SciFi HD version. (Who took away the SkyOne torrents? Whyyy? OH how I hate SciFi HD and their wretched logos and banners.)

Link: megaupload (566MBs)

Samples: 01 | 02 | 03* | 04

* = my personal favorite. Mmmm, nom, John Sheppard.

.rules/regs: acknowledgement and commenting is always appreciated, so I can have some idea of what the demand is, although I'm always willing to upload more :)

.notes: I took these screencaps in VideoLan using VLC's automatic screencap function. To see how to configure the player so that it will cap automatically, without you having to click "Snapshot," see this tutorial.

.eta: Thank you to amethyststeam for finding my original tutorial post and linking to her own, which is infinitely better and also happens to be the tutorial I originally used for my .avi caps. You can find the infinitely more awesome tutorial of hers here!

Apologies for the continued lameness *sigh* I'm planning some things for the next few weeks, including an art dump, possibly some textures and resources, a very very zomgHUGE! tutorial, and another big big icon post with more icons than you can shake a stick at. Right now there's SGA, SPN, and some stock photography on tap, but if there is anything else you'd think would be neat, link me to some screencap sites and I'll see what I can do ♥
Tags: resources, screencaps, sga

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