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.art dump: 1 comic/collage; 5 covers; 2 wallpapers; 2 misc.

.big ol' art dump: Most of this stuff is old, material that I've previously posted at aesc, although there is one new-ish wallpaper, modified from the original Hard Time Killing Floor graphic. There's one Castiel (SPN) wallpaper; everything else is SGA.

On the walls, if you want something larger than what is offered, let me know and I will whip something up for you ♥

.escape velocity: A comic/collage in five pages from Vegas!Verse (SGA: John Sheppard)
dogeared and I collaborated on the Astronomy Challenge at artword. Jenns was inspired by this photo from the Apollo 17 mission and wrote a lovely story, which I put to pictures.

Paradox of Vision, apple_pi Rebuilding Babel, fiercelydreamed The Te of John, cesperanza

Arbor, siriaeve

Bound by Will, sheafrotherdon


color text bw bw text

Hard Time Killing Floor WP

.other graphics/comic collages

Hard Time Killing Floor

companion for The Price that Life Exacts by cathalin

-resources (hugely and massively updated with lots of cool new things!)
-commenting/acknowledging is really, really lovely (now that I'm slightly less frazzled, I swear I'll start responding again! I hate not replying... it makes me feel somewhat lame.)
-any questions? feel free to ask!

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