December 30th, 2006

castiel 2
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.icons/resources - sga, sg1 ; 7 grungy stock files

Kind of a mixed bag this time around, with a stock/large texture set and a bunch of icons. I'm posting all of this now, because it won't be until... wow, next year until I'll get the chance to settle back down into icon-making. So much upheaval and travel. *annoyance*

Anyway, first up is the stock/texture set. I took some stock pictures of the floor of my parents' garage, and like how some of them came out. They might be useful for stock purposes, and I thought those of you who like grungy things might enjoy these.

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Now, the icons! Done on a monitor I'm not really used to, so I hope they turned out okay. Aside from anxieties over that, I've kept playing with portrait-type icons, some scratchy stuff, and more of those Kane-Therneresque backgrounds.

53 icons
+30 sga *some 3.12-15
+9 sg1
+9 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
+5 lost


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