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Hi! Welcome to discolore, the icon and graphics journal for the visually-oriented part of aesc's personality, and those of you who like icons but don't like emo whining.

.things most needful to know:
UPDATED 01.23.08

-please comment/acknowledge, if only because I love hearing from people. It makes me happy.
**addendum: if you're taking stuff from multiple posts, feel free to comment in the latest post only :)
-no hotlinking. Download graphics to your hard drive or own server.
-textless aren't bases, unless otherwise specified or unless you ask (please, please ask)
-the same goes for large art. If you'd like a large piece turned into an icon, please ask me, and I'll work with it.
-want to know how I do something? Feel free to ask!

Stock, textures, brushes, etc. can be found at my resource post.

One of the things I love--really love--about the online community in general, and the fandom community in particular, is, well, the community. I love sharing my work and love it when others do too.

I acknowledge people and ask for acknowledgment not to be academic or snobbish or demand respect, but because credit--or acknowledgement, if you will--is a great way to improve community circulation. If you found something of mine that you like, letting people know I made it might alert them to my existence (and thus the existence of something they might find cool as well), something of which they might have been completely unaware. (The internets is a big place.) This works in reverse; I credit because the people who make the stuff I use are talented and cool and generous, and I'd like everyone to know that and have access to their material.

So it's all about the sharing, don't you know.

That's it. Enjoy!

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