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.resources: brushes, icon textures

This is the stuff the last post was going to include, but impatience and depression broke what was going to be one massive post into two smaller ones. Sigh.

Anyway, there's still several things today. First up, I tried something different and designed a small set of brush collages, which you can see below, and there are two 100.100 texture sets as well.

These are brush collages done using brushes adapted from design bum's vector studies, plus brushes by dearest, regen, and these. I left the collages in their original colors so you can use them as design elements if you want (as in the first two icons, where they're just pasted in), or as brushes (as in the third).

-DA: image pack & .abr[PS7]-

The first set is some icon-sized textures clipped from this piece I did for my anotheratlantis prompt. I liked how the background turned out and decided to share :) The smokiness of them might be useful for grunging or darkening up smoother textures. The large texture isn't included, mostly because it's something I've used previously in my own work.

-+13 100.100-

-+25 100.100 & +1 large-

.stock/scan credits
[other than myself]
rain harbour
stock xchng

Please comment/acknowledge \o/ I really do like hearing from people, and I love love love all the support you've given me. And if you like it here, please join the comm.
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