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Hi! Welcome to discolore, the icon and graphics journal for the visually-oriented part of aesc's personality, and those of you who like icons but don't like emo whining.

.things most needful to know:
UPDATED 01.23.08

-please comment/acknowledge, if only because I love hearing from people. It makes me happy.
**addendum: if you're taking stuff from multiple posts, feel free to comment in the latest post only :)
-no hotlinking. Download graphics to your hard drive or own server.
-textless aren't bases, unless otherwise specified or unless you ask (please, please ask)
-the same goes for large art. If you'd like a large piece turned into an icon, please ask me, and I'll work with it.
-want to know how I do something? Feel free to ask!

Stock, textures, brushes, etc. can be found at my resource post.

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That's it. Enjoy!