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umbrella on a sunny day
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.resources: brushes, textures textures textures, stock

Wasn't going to post until next week, but the day took a turn for the suck and I needed something to help me perseverate for a while. Yeah, did not escape unscathed from Friday the 13th :/

For your delectation: A lot of resources in the form of brushes, large textures, icon textures, and stock photos. There is also a very important question at the end.

(In the preview you will observe some representatives of the brush set, as well as some of the large textures reworked for icon-sized space.)

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And now, the question! My general practice with textures is to make large images, cut out squares of various sizes and resize them to 100.100. and include the large images in the .zip file for people to experiment with. Is the making of icon-sized textures, then, kind of a redundant action? I'm kind of curious as to if people prefer the large textures to the icon-sized.

Very definitely answered :) Thank you so much!
umbrella on a sunny day
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.resources: 2 100x100 texture sets; 1 stock photo set

I'm on break at the moment and messing around with various things. So, a round of resources--some icon textures and stock photos that will appear in the next collection, in one capacity or another.

They are: 2 100x100 sets (one multicolored, one greytone) and 1 set of large irregular stock photos.

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And hey, I got a deviantart account!
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.icons/resources - sga, sg1 ; 7 grungy stock files

Kind of a mixed bag this time around, with a stock/large texture set and a bunch of icons. I'm posting all of this now, because it won't be until... wow, next year until I'll get the chance to settle back down into icon-making. So much upheaval and travel. *annoyance*

Anyway, first up is the stock/texture set. I took some stock pictures of the floor of my parents' garage, and like how some of them came out. They might be useful for stock purposes, and I thought those of you who like grungy things might enjoy these.

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Now, the icons! Done on a monitor I'm not really used to, so I hope they turned out okay. Aside from anxieties over that, I've kept playing with portrait-type icons, some scratchy stuff, and more of those Kane-Therneresque backgrounds.

53 icons
+30 sga *some 3.12-15
+9 sg1
+9 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
+5 lost


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