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.screencaps: nip/tuck 5.19 "Manny Skerrit" (1280.720)px

.screencaps: 133 tasty 1280.720px caps of one very flexible Misha Collins in his guest appearance on Nip/Tuck. Unlike some channels *coughCWSciFIcough* the FXHD logo isn't too bad.


Samples: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

(One more than usual, but srsly, I could not help myself.)

.rules/regs: acknowledgment and commenting is always appreciated, so I can have some idea of what the demand is, although I'm always willing to upload more :)

I capped this manually, because VLC has been having hissy fits about auto-capping .mkv files today, so the caps are somewhat out of order as I rewound, went back, and tried to get as much as I could when I wasn't too distracted with staring/giggling like a demented schoolgirl. Oh, Misha, you're so bendy ♥ Anyway, if you want to learn how to make VLC cap without you telling it to, see this fantastic tutorial.

.actual art updates: Icons by the end of the month, I think. It won't be as big as I was hoping, but it should be a bit more diverse... SGA, SPN, Bones, and some randomosity!

I've reached a very obnoxious dead-end with a tutorial I was writing, for a collage/wallpaper, and I'm not sure if I have the heart to go back and try it a third time. Any other tutorials you all want to see?
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.icons: 74 SGA; 26 misc.

Eight months after the last one... ICONS. ICONS. ICONS. And three wallpapers! I apologize for the stupidly long time between updates of the icon/wallpaper/usable graphics nature :"|

Yeah, I can't believe it either. HOO-RAH.

.100 icons
+74 SGA (55 + variants)
+26 misc./stock

.note: people from the last open icon offer: your icons are in here. I'm just exhausted and sick to death of coding. Tomorrow I'll go back in and note which ones I did for you. I hit my second wind; your names and icon numbers are listed after the icons ♥


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+3 SGA wallpapers (reposted from aesc)
+eta 06.21: 1280.1024-res. version of the first wallpaper added on request :)



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.many things: art, icon textures, +30 icons

For some reason, writing papers makes me hyper. This means, once I become too strung out to keep working I icon into the small hours. I've also discovered the joys of very large collages. Already not a good thing, but on top of that add sheafrotherdon's Hewlett picspam and shadowserenity hooking me up with Tricia Helfer loveliness, and it just gets worse.

Oh, and let us not forget dogeared, who has written bits and pieces of a lovely McShep-in-New-England AU that has obsessed me utterly. So she gets coverart.

Result: we have on tap at Bar Discolore:
+2 large pieces of SGA!art
+44 100.100 textures
+30 icons [DH, TH, JF, Sandra Oh &c.]


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* * *

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.icontex [ETA: link fixed! You can actually download them now!]

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Maybe another open icon offer soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Not literally, of course. Peeled eyes are gross.

It's a metaphor.

(Actually an idiom.)

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.icons/resources - sga, sg1 ; 7 grungy stock files

Kind of a mixed bag this time around, with a stock/large texture set and a bunch of icons. I'm posting all of this now, because it won't be until... wow, next year until I'll get the chance to settle back down into icon-making. So much upheaval and travel. *annoyance*

Anyway, first up is the stock/texture set. I took some stock pictures of the floor of my parents' garage, and like how some of them came out. They might be useful for stock purposes, and I thought those of you who like grungy things might enjoy these.

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Now, the icons! Done on a monitor I'm not really used to, so I hope they turned out okay. Aside from anxieties over that, I've kept playing with portrait-type icons, some scratchy stuff, and more of those Kane-Therneresque backgrounds.

53 icons
+30 sga *some 3.12-15
+9 sg1
+9 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
+5 lost


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